A Quick Song

In Twitter I came across a girl’s tweets – a very young girl; her tweets made me feel like write a few lines of song – a very quick song of few lines …

Yo, lonely girl, you touched me hard.
I tried to fly like a bird. But I fail,
a stupid nerd…. Yo, girl,
your loneliness…
…touched me hard.

What is happiness

A man went to Goutam Buddha and said, “I want happiness”.
Buddha said, “First remove ‘I’, that is Ego. Then Remove ‘want’, that is ‘Desire’ and see what you have – happiness.

Class and Object in Python

How we can create different objects in python.


class Egg:

def __init__(self, kind = 'fired'):
self.kind = kind

def whatkind(self):
return self.kind

def main():
fried = Egg()
scrambled = Egg('scrambled')

if __name__ == "__main__":