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That might seem a little bit confusing for some people. The question is : why should I stay anonymous?
Practically normal users don’t bother about this and their data are – normally being tracked. There are lot of reasons – of course; for collecting users data. We don’t want any debate on that presently. Because this article is not meant for the normal users but for the people who want to learn “Ethical Hacking”.
Please remember, ethical hacking stands for pure learning a computer system and creating something new. It is not meant for “Cracking” others system or stealing data illegally. What you would do, you ‘should do’ legally.

Now let us come to the topic again.
As an ethical hacker you should not leave your footprint. This is a very basic principle you should maintain. When you browse a web site you don’t how your data are processing. Which servers are processing your data.
First of all, computer does not read in a human readable way like we do. Computer knows only digits and when you type any URL address like ‘http://google.com’ the DNS servers normally translate it into digits. It also collects all the data about your machine including IP address. You are no longer anonymous.
Just go through a simple test. Type ‘dns test leak’ in any serach engine and click any site that tests it. Or you can type ‘what is my ip’ in ‘Google’. See how open it is! Everyone knows your IP Address and many things you don’t know!
But as a legal hacker or pentester, you need to be anonymous. Now, what to do?
There are three methods:
1) Open your ‘Kali Linux’ terminal and install ‘tor’ and download the browser. This is the gateway to the ‘dark web.’
2) You can change your proxychain configuration file.
3) You can change your DHCP Client configuration file by adding vpnbook.
These three methods are foolproof and you could remain anonymous. In the next tutorials we will discuss how we can do that.