After finishing a good book you generally feel empty. It takes time to adjust with reality. For a time being you have been into a world of artificial intelligence with a lot of characters and now you come to the real world of yours where characters are poles apart.
Between many art and communication mediums people often consider videos to be the strongest of all. It has almost everything except you need not exercise much of your imagination as everything is before your main senses – that is ear and eyes. You listen to the sound and watch objects move. The impact is immediate and very powerful.
The experience of book reading is way apart. It stays with you for a long time. You can not just finish a book in one sitting, especially in this world of maddening fury of speed and deadlines. If you savor a book for one hour each day, it stays with you for a few days. I believe this impact is more powerful.
In general after watching a good movie the impact stays for that moment only. At the least a short live discussion follows and ends with a whimper if the ending is tragic.
For a book it stays for at least one or two days sometimes more than that. At the least – in my case – it attacks my senses from all the possible corners and makes me think about the characters for some more time.
May be as a writer my feelings are mixed.