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There are hidden forces that can change everything. Sometime the effect is good. Sometime it’s very bad. The more we know about it or try to understand it, it is better.
One of such harmful hidden forces is desire. Other is anger. There are many others. They all have sub categories. You probably know about the seven sins. I don’t want to repeat them. Our logical power of reasoning often is overshadowed by these powers and makes us look quite helpless. When we start repenting it is too late to rectify.
In the animal world only humans can decide logically. We have that power of reasoning that lets us decide what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what can have a bad effect later on. But can we always do that properly? Not always, I think. The hidden forces compel us to take such an unreasonable turn that our deeds spin into misdeeds in a fraction of seconds. Hidden forces take you by the neck and force you to do something that you would not have done if you had thought logically taking some time.
I don’t want to go into detail and explicitly tell you what people do in such cases and what they may have avoided doing if some logic is applied. I can’t enter into the mind of such persons who are involved with wrongdoings. But I can only guess – from my experience – that it can be avoided.
I don’t know much about the solar system and the mysteries of universe. But I guess it follows logical rules quite religiously. So we survive somehow. I believe they also display a model before us to follow. They are saying; look at us how we maintain the rule unfailingly. Don’t they face any hidden force that whispers into their ears and tells; don’t revolve for a second or turn opposite to see what are there at your back? Or there is already a plan in place that frees them from such overburdens? I don’t know.
What I think is a very simple thinking. It may seem kindergarten staff to you. But I see a design, a blueprint behind every abstraction. All are in place. Consider an animal’s foot. It is directed forward so that they can move forward. The same is true for us. Logically if we decide we can move back also. But as we can’t see what is in store in our behind we need to either turn back and see or use some mirror like staff so that we don’t fall or get struck by some obstruction. Is it intended for taking up challenges at the same time? May be, I don’t know.
Without any intelligent planning is it possible? Suppose one has foot pointed backwards, some have their feet point to various other angles – say 45, 98, and 165 degree – or any degree you can imagine. Can we move? Consider another scenario. We can not do two opposite things at the same time. We can not move forward and backward at the same time. What does that mean? Either the switch is on or off. A very fundamental staff of computer logic has been designed and kept in place. In a computer language we can at best describe it as Boolean yes or no can not exist at the same time.
Time. Another very mysterious thing. We say “same time”. So either before or after the opposite things can exist but not at the same time. When we are involved in a wrongdoing we can not do the right thing at the same time. What a tragedy. When something goes wrong it is just “no” – that is switch is “off” – it is a big “no” for you and for the rest of the world you are involved with at that time. So time has a dimension and takes active part in our life. And it says: good and bad can’t coexist at the same time.
I am not deviating from the main point. I am saying that if you allow the hidden forces or compulsions to sit in the driver’s seat the logical sense of reasoning power vanishes. It does not stay with you any more in your journey of life as they don’t coexist at the same time.
So, think twice. Then proceed. Logically.
We are really blessed that an invisible intelligent plan stores logical power for us. With that power we can overcome any hidden harmful force. We can apply it. Isn’t it true? It can’t be false at the same time. 🙂