It’s really a shame that I can’t come to this place very often. It’s been not that I’m very busy. Just the opposite. I do nothing.
For a long time I have been searching a proper expression to describe myself.
Today I write this in the biography section of Amazon and Leanpub:

Once a woman, while watching him – loitering aimlessly in Patna zoo – said, “Bekar Admi!” In Hindi it means “a vagabond with no job.”

For a job, you have to work for eight hours. Can you imagine doing anything – like eating, singing, running or having … for eight hours long?

But you need to do something to get some food and keep on living.

He has to write occasionally for that reason!

It’s close this time and I hope I’m not going to change it pretty soon. It could have been better if I had added the ‘restless’ part.

But you can’t write more about yourself. 🙂