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php developer

php developer

I want to answer this question from a beginner’s perspective. You’re reading this article because you’re a PHP developer with little knowledge and you want to make ‘coding as your forte’.

Closed or Open?

I’ve seen two sides of server side scripting. I had started learning PHP and MySQL much before I tried coding in C# and ASP.NET. I had not been developing with ASP.NET for long because I’d to leave it. Was it destiny? Actually I didn’t like the closed source. That was the real reason. Besides it was not my profession. I was not a professional PHP developer at the beginning. I was a data-journalist who wanted to be an Author and Ethical Hacker.

Openness is Important

My experiment with ASP.NET had already ended when I found that I couldn’t open it up and change the code in source. I was not feeling well in that breathless atmosphere where you didn’t know what was happening behind and you had no control over the whole process. There are more reasons but I don’t want to go into detail now. All I can say, I was sad to leave a certain discipline of coding I had initiated and practiced for some time with much ado. But I’d to leave.

Think Object Oriented

When I had started coding in PHP again there had been a lot of development already taken place. The real change had come in the object oriented sphere. I should say, my ASP.NET knowledge had come to immense help when I decided to work with PHP again.
Now everything is object oriented and you need to have a good grasp over the concept first. PHP 7 is much faster. There are lot of good frameworks that have also come up in the recent past.
Laravel was one of them. I tried Laravel and found it not good for the beginner. If you already knew object oriented PHP and had a good grasp over the subject, Laravel could be your choice. Since you’re a beginner, my suggestion is: don’t try Laravel.
If you want to read more Laravel articles there are plenty that I’ve written over the time: LARAVEL LEARNING

Faster and Speedier

I wanted to see this ‘development-part’ in a new light. From a different side. As a PHP developer, what is your first and foremost concern? You need to do as many work as possible in a limited time. Isn’t it? It couldn’t be the least of your concerns!

WordPress Good for Beginners

For that reason alone, I think WordPress is your best choice to start with. It has been there since May, 2003. For a long time it’s been stable. It’s fast and flexible. It gives guaranteed performance. Moreover, for the beginner, it’s ideal because it’s user friendly and easier to adopt. It’s a simple confidence booster.

Database is ready!

I don’t want you to stumble over as a PHP beginner. In WordPress you need not think over the database manipulation. The content management part is ready. You have a ready-made dashboard or administrative panel. Now all you need to do is retrieve your data in proper places. You don’t have to code a lot. I emphasize again, for a beginner it’s a really good choice.

Help in Need

Besides, it has been here for fourteen years so the support base is enormous.
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