how to become a good wordpress developer

It’s not at all difficult to become a good wordpress developer.

Wordpress developer

WordPress developer

People often make a bad mistake. They think WordPress is only a simple, user friendly blog-engine. They use WordPress as a blogger not as a web programmer. There must be some misunderstanding or a set of thinking-patterns that is actually a wrong action attributable to bad judgment. If you want to become a good wordpress developer, you mustn’t make this mistake.

What is a WordPress developer?

WordPress is much more. It has been around us for 14 years with somehow a wrong attribute – which is not in conformity with fact or truth. Let us understand that first. And correct the mistake. WordPress developer is a web programmer first. Knowledge of programming paradigm helps a lot. If you are a PHP beginner, WordPress is the best choice to start with.

What is programming language for WordPress?

WordPress mainly uses PHP and SQL programming language. Founder and makers have anchored it in PHP and used the MySQL database engine to keep things run like a well oiled machine. If you want to learn and understand WordPress properly, my advice is learn PHP first and have a basic idea of MySQL database.
If you have a basic or intermediate PHP knowledge, you can follow the reason in WordPress-Madness (Courtesy: King Lear!).

Move outside your comfort zone

If you don’t want to shiver or sweat, you’re no longer living. Try to go out from your comfort zone and explore the wild world of machine language.
Basic PHP knowledge is required in advance. WordPress doesn’t request urgently or forcefully for PHP mastery. All it demands is few basic PHP understanding.

Tell me more about PHP skill

You need to know how PHP functions work. You must be able to follow the logic of conditionals and loop. Practice it as much as possible. Array is the central cohesive support of every programming language, framework and content management systems. So try to play with it as much as possible. Finally you must adopt object oriented style of coding. The psychological result of this perception bears a heavy load.

What is WordPress codex?

This is on line manual for WordPress and a living repository for WordPress information and documentation. If you’re a PHP and WordPress enthusiast, you will have heard by now that WordPress Codex

is the central repository of WordPress documentation. Your energetic attempt to achieve something will not have been coping on your own without WordPress Codex.
It’s a living thing, constantly getting updated from all over the world. And remember, this living-repository is not a one-man show. Lots of developers like you, are regularly putting forward their contributions.

How do I use WordPress to build a website

In a dynamic website the major headache is database manipulation. What really bothers is: how should I arrange my database? How should I insert? How should I categorize my data? How should I arrange data and establish a relationship among them?
Wordpress looks after it. You just don’t have to write hundred thousand lines of code to run your database smoothly.

It’s Easy, isn’t it?

You have a built-in administrative dashboard from where you can manage your contents without worrying about writing a single line of code. All you need to do is retrieve your data methodically in the correct place.
That is not difficult at all!
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2 thoughts on “how to become a good wordpress developer

    • You need not go for the costly WordPress hosting services. You may hire any cheap shared hosting service for around 20 to 25 dollar per year and run your WordPress blog there.
      Actually every good shared hosting provider usually provides this support. You can easily run and install WordPress and continue blogging.
      If you know a little bit PHP programming, then it will be more helpful to tweak your website according to your style!


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