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php 7

I had started writing a well documented book on PHP 7 in the month of March but I’d to leave the project unfinished as situation demanded.
I’m eager to go back to my unfinished job. Before that I thought it would be good for my readers to give them a glimpse of how I had started it.

Note from Author

I always love to write for the beginners. I love the innocent moments of bringing few new things to my dearest readers. And this time I’ve done it by taking a completely different approach. You build web applications and learn php 7 simultaneously.

This book has not deviated from the core rule. It is also a guide for the beginners with one special effect added to it. This book will guide you to become an expert php programmer. You start from the scratch and end up being an expert. This book doesn’t limit its scope to only basic concepts. It deals with the advanced ones as the book goes on. The fun is we’re learning php 7 by making web applications.

Few good questions

Why integer is needed? Where we use strings? How we can define a function? We’ll learn them practically so that it can sit on your mind properly.
Remember our childhood ‘wordbook’. How we’ve learned the word ‘cow’, just by watching the picture.
For that, as book progresses you encounter gradual shift from basic to advanced topics of php 7; from simple application to difficult ones. It always takes some time to adopt the coding environment and I’ve tried my best to help you adopt that as fast as possible with examples.

You can do it

People often ask, “I’m not from a mathematics or science background, can I do the coding? Can I follow the logic?”
It’s very important question. Can a person from a literature background experiment with php programming? Can a person, who has left school or college midway for poverty or any compulsory sad reason, read this book and become an expert coder? Suppose I am a driver or a fire fighter and I have to do some odd jobs to run my family, can I read this book when I get some time in my hands?
Yes, you can.
Anyone can read this book and become an expert coder. And at any stage!

Why I write

And to facilitate that, to help dear readers, I try to keep the price at minimum level. I don’t want to make large profit by writing technical books. If you have no money, just download it for free from my Leanpub account. Here is the MY LEANPUB BOOKS
All you need is determination. This determination will take you to the deeper part of knowledge where you can learn few new things. All you need is to do a little practice – the same thing over and over. If you find some topic or conception difficult please search Google. Yes, internet is your best friend and definitely you’ll get a tip somewhere. Somebody has got the answer being ready to help you.

Coding is like writing

Remember, coding is not any difficult and monotonous job and the coders are normal human beings. The mindset does matter. A rational approach towards everything and logical mind is all you need to read this book and become an expert coder.
Happy reading! Wish you best luck.

What you will learn?

This book has one and only aim. It tries to teach you the basics of php 7 coding and gradually takes you to the higher stages like framework introduction, design patterns, relations with C language etc. So that at the end of this book you can claim that you’ve learned some php and start your life as a php developer.
For convenience of reading and grasping the core concepts I’ve divided this book in a few parts.

In the part one

The part one deals with the php environment. If you are a beginner you’re not supposed to know from where you’ll start. You need php 7 installed in your machine. You need a good code editor that can help you code faster and accurately. We’ll discuss those in the first part.

In the second part

In the second part we’ll learn basic concepts. Little simple mathematics will do no harm. We’ll learn them so that this knowledge might come at the next stages.

The intermediate section

In the third part we’ll be right into the intermediate session of coding. We’ll learn object oriented programming and database manipulation. This knowledge will help us to understand any framework like Laravel or any content management system like WordPress.

Few advanced topics

The last and fourth part will be left for a few advanced topics like design patterns, CLI or command line interfaces, and finally more about the security part.
I don’t claim to teach you php 7 in seven days or seven weeks! Take each part as a module. Practice it with the code given and try to develop it into something creative. That makes your reading experience more enjoyable. If you don’t understand any point just forget it for some time being. Your mind is full so give it enough time to digest what you’ve taken already. Come back later and it’ll be done!
Let’s start with part one.