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I’d like to share a letter which I’ve got few days back and I think, it’s really inspiring for any author.
The letter came from Vietnam and the reader wrote it after reading my book “Beginning Laravel” by Apress.

First, the letter.

Dear sir,

I’m a reader of your book – Beginning Laravel.

After finished reading your book, I think I really do need to send you a thank you letter for spending time and effort to publish this book. The book help me a lot on begining with Laravel. The necessary knownledge is particular, examples are really easy to understand and moreover… I really enjoyed reading the book for my starting instead of reading official documents of Laravel.

In the appreciation of your book, I hope you can spend some of your important time to listen some of my feedbacks. In case of wanting to publish second edition or Laravel advanced, you may consider about:

Adding connection/relation in the database/migration level. When I read chapter 16 – Eloquent Relations, I had to spend a period of time to research other docs about creating relation between the tables. It will be better if I could find it in your book too.
About other Contracts/Facades/Collections I hope you can add content about using session, cookie or reference some others which may necessary for developing a product like you did with the form builder. May be don’t need detail, just introduce about these necessary things.
In new version of Laravel, I see the appearance of Console folder in App and console/channel/api/web in the routes folder instead of single routes.php file like before. I think you may want to concern about it so as creating API in advanced.

That’s all I want to sent to you. Once again, thank you for your book. I wish you will always have a good luck and achive many success in your career.


In reply as usual I thanked him and wrote that I’d try my best to write more useful books which will be really helpful for the beginners.
In fact I was thinking about writing a book on Laravel which will mainly concentrate on Problems of using Laravel – ranging from common ones to critical ones.
This letter just gave the extra push so that the idea might burst into flames.

Since you here…

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