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You’re in a jungle. There are many trees and the forest is dense and dark. You’ve lost the path.
How will you get back to your home?
If you have a device, that can give your exact location, finding the way to home seems much easier. Isn’t it?
A complex website structure sometimes seems to be like a dense forest. And we think, oh, God, let me have a device that can locate my root easily.
Let me explain why it happens.

Suppose, you’re building a website. The structure is like this – root->flow-control->foreach-loop/foreach-loop.php.
You’re staying at the foreach-loop.php and you want to know your total root path; so that you can easily go back to the root and access any folder there.
What’s more, the ‘css’ folder stays at the root folder at the same position as ‘flow-control’ folder.
However, you are staying one step below and want to use the same ‘css style’ that the ‘css’ folder is keeping now.
And now comes the best part.
Just attch a php file on the top of the ‘foreach-loop.php’ file.

  • echo $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]

It will give you the correct path and shows how you’ve reached there.  The output is :

  • /sanjib/flow-control/foreach-loop/foreach-loop.php

Now it is very easy to reach the ‘css’ folder. Write down the connector link as :

  • link href=”../../css/shop-homepage.css” rel=”stylesheet”

The first-two-dots of the above link indicate the root or ‘sanjib’ folder. The second-two-dots indicate the ‘flow-control’ folder which is sharing the same platform with ‘css’ folder. And now your ‘foreach-loop.php’ file is sharing the same platform with the ‘shop-homepage.css’ file.

Sound good?

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