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I dedicate this post to the webmasters, web developers who want to get good Google indexing and try to work hard for it.

You probably know about the Google webmaster tools; so I don’t repeat that part. If you are new, please remember, this is very simple. All you need is a Google mail account to sign in and start working on it. Webmasters typically use it for submitting websites and sitemaps, so that Google Bots could easily find them and index them accordingly.

As far as “search” is concerned, Google is over the top; no one around. So consider few aspects before you plan to create a website.

Whenever you create a website, it has some goals. It has some intentions. Niche audience. Viewers.

And Google tries to index them accordingly.

The days of keywords are gone. Now it depends on your content. Content for a website means text, image, and video. Try to make them unique and interesting; besides you need to follow the Google Optimization guide.

It says, your images should be in proper format. That means it ‘saved for web’. Resize and crop them accordingly. We hardly think about the size of the image or video. But it matters.

Be aware of the CSS and JavaScript files. Bots don’t feel happy if they have to travel deep into the folders to follow your CSS trail! They complain to the Google and they ask for optimization. Try to keep them as close as possible. It’s a good habit to write the CSS and bootstrap them into a single file and write it yourself. Write the responsive CSS style according to your needs. Avoid the copy-paste approach. If you don’t know, learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s easy. It doesn’t take much time.

Knowledge of front-end development is extremely important if you want to take up the web development job seriously.

Make your website meaningful and let it open up for your viewers in dazzling speed.