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Why I let readers download my books absolutely FREE

People may doubt whether my motives for letting readers download my books absolutely free are altruistic-you may doubt that behind this big-hearted decision I probably hanker for publicity.

You are always welcome whatever way you perceive me. Good, bad, or ugly.

The true motivation stems from one single principle-knowledge should be free and remain accessible to all. Besides that, I believe only true knowledge can save us from this ubiquitous and omnipresent poverty.

So through the Leanpub platform, you may either download my books absolutely free or you may pay any amount you wish. The choice is yours.

I am a full-time writer, so I write books to put bread on my table. If you have money, pay any amount you want to, it starts at 0.99 Dollar; however, if you have no money, don’t worry, download the books absolutely free. As long as Leanpub allows this, it’s fine. If they stop that, I will start it right from here.

Now, I plan every book in a way so that it relates to a series of video stream where I explain the concepts audiovisually.

I would request you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and share it with your friends for one single reason. It indirectly helps me going this way-my own “FREE” way.

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Happy reading. Happy watching. Happy coding.

When the programming language itself is set up to do the organizational structure in an object-oriented way, it becomes interestingly different from the traditional procedural coding. The most effective part of object-oriented programming is that the data objects can be built using data members and data functions together.

If we want to build a data structure that represents a movie, we can consider data members, such as name, release-date, a genre that are needed for the data structure, as well as the functions that are needed, such as promotion(), review(), comment() etc. Another data structure like ticket can easily be added to it as it does not have comment() function. On the other hand, a movie does not have data member like “price” that ticket has got. These data members in an object could be of different types.
The most interesting part of object-oriented programming is how effectively you can bundle code and data together into units. A good object-oriented language always supports these features.
One of many advantages of PHP 7 is, it gives full support to the object-oriented styles. Another great advancement is the speed; PHP 7 much faster than the previous versions, it has also enhanced another great feature – security; and that is why it is known as next-generation PHP. In some places, version-7-specific constructs are little different. But CLI features have remained the same. Quite naturally, PHP has become a general-purpose scripting language that is especially suitable for web development and can be embedded in HTML in a completely object-oriented way. However, without knowing object-oriented programming design patterns you cannot move any further now.
The common problems of traditional procedural approach are you cannot bundle data members and functions together in units. This separation of data definitions and manipulations create a lot of trouble when the application grows in volume. As more and more data members and functions are added to an application, it fails to function properly.