PHP 7: Learn Object Oriented Programming the Hard Way

PHP 7: Learn Object Oriented Programming

PHP 7: Learn Object Oriented Programming

“I further believe that object technology holds the potential for fundamental changes in the software industry and that it is here to stay.”

Bertrand Meyer wrote, in the preface of his famous book, “Object-Oriented Software Construction”.

The best part of the good news is PHP 7, a general-purpose scripting language, well suited for web applications, has now all the core combination of Object-oriented-programming. Now it moves in a direction that would help PHP stay in the competition in the future.

In this book, the core combination of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) has been explained in great detail. Mainly the four ideas govern the OOP principle – a structuring method, reliability discipline, an epistemological principle and a classification technique. These ideas have been stated step by step so that one could learn them and use them in the web applications.

Object Oriented Design Patterns in PHP 7


Are you a beginner or an intermediate learner who has been struggling through the maze of OOP and Design Patterns concepts?

Then this book is for you

We are interested about learning new Features of PHP 7. They are Scalar type declarations, Return type declarations, Null coalescing operator, Spaceship operator, Constant arrays using define(), Anonymous classes, Closure::call(), Group use declarations and many, many more…

Beginning Laravel

Beginning Laravel

Beginning Laravel

Learn about dependency injection, interfaces, service providers, SOLID design, and more with practical and real-world code examples. This book covers everything you need to get started in application development with Laravel 5.3. Beginning Laravel covers features such as method injection, contracts, and authentication.

Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python 3

Ethical hacking with python 3

Ethical hacking with python 3

Learn the basics of ethical hacking and gain insights into the logic, algorithms, and syntax of Python. This book will set you up with a foundation that will help you understand the advanced concepts of hacking in the future. Learn Ethical Hacking with Python 3 touches the core issues of cyber security: in the modern world of interconnected computers and the Internet, security is increasingly becoming one of the most important features of programming.

Ethical hacking is closely related to Python. For this reason this book is organized in three parts. The first part deals with the basics of ethical hacking; the second part deals with Python 3; and the third part deals with more advanced features of ethical hacking.

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