My name is Sanjib Sinha(in Bengali, সঞ্জীব সিনহা বা সঞ্জীব সিংহ); full family name – Sanjib Deb Sinha. Welcome to my blog on technology.

I write both stories and code. Not in the same order, always.

I have written six books for Apress on different topics that range from IT security to various programming languages. The list includes Beginning Ethical Hacking with Python, Beginning Laravel(Two editions), Beginning Ethical Hacking with Kali Linux, Bug Bounty Hunting for Web Security, and Quick Start Guide to Dart Programming.

Through Leanpub, I want to make my books affordable to all. Publishing through Leanpub is a labour of love!

Here goes the Leanpub link: https://leanpub.com/u/sanjibsinha

Feeling super generous watching my efforts? I will always welcome a a cup of Tea

Years back, I used Juggernaut writing platform to publish a few stories. You can read those stories using smartphones, as well as your computers. It is free.

Here goes the link: https://www.juggernaut.in/authors/sanjib-sinha

Besides technology, I also blog on many things that come to my mind. But, that takes place once in a blue moon!

Here goes the link: https://sanjibsinha.wordpress.com/